Online Sports Betting using Paypal

Here at SportBettingBros, we’ve reviewed different payment options that online sports betting sites have implemented for your convenience. PayPal happens to be one of the many options which bettors can use to fund their sports sites. It offers you fast deposits and convenient withdrawals. Before we can proceed further into the details of PayPal, we must say that it warrants your full attention. There’s one main reason that you’ll have you convinced from the get go, dare we say.

Top PayPal Sports Betting Sites

In case you are wondering how we chose the PayPal Sportsbooks above, you should know that we considered the following points.

  1. Of course the top priority is to ensure that it accepts PayPal as a payment option. In case you’d like to confirm this yourself, you can always visit the cashier section and pick PayPal as your preferred option.
  2. Welcome bonuses are also very important in our category. The welcome bonus package includes anything from free spins, no deposit bonuses or match deposit cash. The first two options are usually thrown in for good measure, but the match deposit cash is usually guaranteed.
  3. Return to Player percentage is another very important fact that we always consider. This is a figure that you’ll come across slot games. At SportBettingBros, we always ensure that this figure is high enough to ensure that you are a winner more often.
  4. Variety is important, that’s why we always look for online bookmakers that offer a variety of games. These games range from anything including slots, table games, video games and special games. Together, they all ensure you are a winner from time and again.

PayPal Sportsbook Sites Offer Unrivalled Security

The factor that differentiates online bookmakers that supports PayPal as a payment option is security and safety.

Here us out. Instead of having to submit your credit/debit card details to the online bookmakers, any commercial website after all, supporting PayPal as a payment method means that you will never have to reveal any of your private financial info. In other words, all your details remain anonymous. Your private info will also remain private whenever you use PayPal at the sports book sites. This, needless to say, great news!

When you are at a platform that supports PayPal, just select PayPal as your preferred method of payment, enter the amount you’d like to spend and off you go – enjoy your gaming session

Why Should You Visit The PayPal Bookmakers Recommended Above?

As you might be aware by now, long gone are the days when your only payment option online was by credit or debit card. With the advancement of technology, if you’d like to access some of the online sports sites for real money, there are a plethora of payment options available. In fact, the options are so diverse and varied creating an influx that carters for all sorts of players.

One of the most important options is the use of eWallets such as PayPal. They have been a main-stay in the online gambling industry, thanks to:

  • Their added layers of information security and privacy
  • Their ease of use
  • Availability across multiple countries globally

PayPal has all these features and is readily available for use in more than 100 countries. It was founded in the late 90s and has since been used to provide reliable and fast services.

PayPal Vs Other E-Wallet Friendly bookmakers

For bookmakers that support PayPal as a payment option, it comes with numerous advantages when compared to other eWallets. This is mostly because of the company’s long standing presence and the years of experience that it has. If you’ve ever transacted using PayPal in the past, there’s a high probability that you already know about all the pros of this excellent eWallet, especially when you compare it to other options that don’t support it.

However, it’s not PayPal that’s the only eWallet online. Other popular ones include Neteller and Skrill. They are equally available at the wide majority of mobile and online gambling sites nowadays. And this section will briefly compare each one of them with PayPal.

PayPal vs Skrill

In all honesty, pitting bookmakers that support PayPal vs those that support Skrill isn’t easy. Both payment options are very easy to use as well as being super safe and secure to use. Notably, they also charge fees for their services.

However, with Skrill, you can use VISA and process your transaction in more than 22 different currencies. Also, Skrill happens to be one of the fastest options to process payments. Typically, you can withdraw and receive your winnings in less than a day or a couple of hours. This winnings can be withdrawn straight to your VISA prepaid card easily.

PayPal vs Neteller

And then, we have Neteller. It’s a payment option that offers services quite similar to Skrill. It can also be topped up using your prepaid card. However, one thing that Neteller offers that PayPal doesn’t is the ability to use a prepaid MasterCard to make payments. You can also load cash onto your Neteller account from your private funds and easily withdraw it at any MasterCard point.
If you look at this from an online sports betting point, it means that you can load back your winnings onto your prepaid card and withdraw the funds from any ATM. This is the clear cut advantage that Skrill has over PayPal.

Conclusion: PayPal Is The Way To Go!

All in all, PayPal and other eWallets have become significant players in the online gambling industry. With an easy to use interface and state of the art security technology behind them, it’s not hard to see the merits of these eWallets. We strongly believe that any serious player should consider using PayPal at an bookmaker that supports it as a payment option. More importantly, slots are very important games that you can easily win at the PayPal Sportsbook sites.
Just to give it a quick mention, the sporting events come with different betting options. And at SportBettingBros, we strongly believe that you will find one that has a theme you’d like. These themes are filled with interesting storylines, styles of play, special in-game features and bonus rounds.

PayPal Sportsbook FAQs

Are there any fees involved when using PayPal?

Fees only come in when withdrawing your cash from your PayPal account. Usually, the charges vary from a minimum of 10%, depending on the type of your PayPal account. The best thing to do is ensure that you’ve opened a personal account instead of a business account. This way, you’ll get less charges.

Do I have to produce documents when withdrawing from a PayPal Bookmaker?

All bookmakers licensed to operate in Europe and the United Kingdom are required by law to ensure that no money laundering takes place. Before the industry was licensed, money launders used to take advantage of the weak laws and use the bookmakers to launder cash. Therefore, to prevent this, the bookmakers are required to ask you to produce the following documents when withdrawing your cash.
A copy of your ID
A copy of your utility bill that dates to at least three months back
A copy of your military ID (if you don’t have your ID)

What is the average transaction time when using PayPal?

This varies depending on the amount of money that you are withdrawing. However, on average, it shouldn’t take you more than 2 hours for small transactions and 48 hours for the large transactions to be processed.