Paysafecard Review

The world of online gambling never ceases to amaze us; starting with the exciting games, to the wide variety of depositing methods, they are stepping up their game. This is where Paysafecard deposit comes in. If you have never heard of it, join the party!

Apparently, Paysafecard is an innovative way to fund your account. When you choose Paysafecard, you are using one of the fastest and safest depositing methods online. Below is a quick breakdown of all you need to know about this payment method.

So, what exactly is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is an online payment method that lets you make transactions at the sports betting side anytime. It’s a safe, easy to use and anonymous way of making payments. Unlike eWallets, which are only available online, Paysafecard is only available offline. You can purchase Paysafecard tokens across electronic stores, book stores, banks, petrol stations, newspaper kiosks, post offices, electronic stores and many more.

To make deposits using Paysafecard, you don’t need a bank account or credit card. This means that you will only be getting the safest and simplest solution going. At the different locations where Paysafecard can be found, you can purchase them at values of €10, €25, €50 and €100.
The original company was founded in 200 by a group of Australians. They chose to locate the company in Vienna and it still has its headquarters located there. It’s from here where they spread to other countries globally to offer its services to more than 46 countries, including the United Kingdom. But how widespread is Paysafecard at the online betting platforms?

Working Mechanism of Paysafecard

Using Paysafecard as a payment method is as close as using real money at the online sports betting sites. When using it as a payment method, you need to go to the official Paysafecard official website. Use the ‘Find Sales Outlets’ field to locate a retailer in your area that sells or can recharge your Paysafecard. This method has also included an option for Android and iOS users.
Once you’ve purchased your card, you’ll be given a 16-digit PIN code. It’s this code that you’ll have to enter to complete your transaction.

When you reload or purchase your prepaid card, there’s an option to purchase either €10, €25, €50 or €100 card. At the sports betting site, there are different limits, which spun from a low of €300 up to a maximum of €500 per deposit. This means that you can use multiple cards every day. The minimum deposit that you can make usually ranges between €10 up to €20 per transaction.

How to Use Paysafecard at the Bookmakers

Once you have signed up at your preferred sports betting website, you are required to deposit real money to play real money games. To complete this procedure using Paysafecard, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Click on the menu section and choose Paysafecard as your preferred option. In some cases, the Paysafecard option is located under the pre-paid card menu
  • Selecting Paysafecard will prompt a pop-up menu. It’s in this pop-up menu where you’ll have to enter the 16-digit code and the amount of cash you’d like to deposit
  • Click on deposit to complete the transaction

There are a few things that you need to take note when it comes to Paysafecard.

  1. If you’d like to deposit more than what you have on the card, you’ll have to use more than one card a day
  2. Since Paysafecard is a prepaid card, there’s no provision that allows you to withdraw back to your card. This means that you’ll have to use an alternative payment option to withdraw your winnings

Recommended Paysafecard Sports Betting Sites

Our top choice for 2019 is SpinSports.

The Benefits of Using Paysafecard

Most of the direct payment options seems to have so many advantages at the online sports betting site. However, Paysafecard and other APMs offer noteworthy advantages. Significant advantages include the following.

• Transactions are much faster – Surprisingly, deposits into your account using Paysafecard are usually faster than direct payments – with a few minutes of course
• Safety – When you use eWallets, there’s usually a buffer between your debit/credit card details and merchant you’d like to purchase from. This exposes your details to fraud. For Paysafecard, this risk is eliminated as you only have to enter the 16-digit PIN to top up your account
• Cheaper – In addition to being faster and offering safer transactions, Paysafecard are also cheaper to use

How much does it cost to use Paysafecard

Just to make things clear, there are no extra costs involved when purchasing or spending Paysafecard. Even when viewing your history or balance on your Paysafecard. However, there are certain limitations and fees that we feel you should be aware of. They include the following.

  • There’s a $6 charge incurred when you redeem the remaining cash on your Paysafecard. This fee is directly deducted from your Paysafecard, so you need to have a $7 balance at least
  • Paysafecard also charges a monthly maintenance fee of $2 per month from 12 months after purchase. This balance is deducted directly from your balance too
  • There’s also a cost of paying in various currencies. This fees ranges from 2 to 2.04% of the amount you’ve transacted
  • You’ll have to pay $3.25 fee for using Paysafecard to top up MasterCard rePower

Important Points to Note about Paysafecard

There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when using your eWallet:

  1. Paysafecard is region specific. There are bettors from certain countries who can’t use this payment option. Therefore, before using it, it’s advisable that you scroll through the terms and conditions section to see if its supported for your region
  2. As long as you have your 16-digit pin, your transactions are safe at all times. Always ensure that you’ve safeguarded it at all costs

Conclusion – Is it safe to use Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is certainly safe. So confident they are about safety that they decided to include the name ‘Safe’ part of the company’s name. Making payments using Paysafecard is as safe as using real money. Just visit your vendor and pay cash to top up to your card. After that, enter the secret 16-digit PIN at the online sportsbook and you’ll be playing your game before you know it!