Betting on eSports & Best Bookies: CS-GO, LoL, Dota 2 and more

Since the corona epidemic at the latest, it has been clear that eSports is a real alternative. And it is above all a crisis-proof sport that you can really bet on at any time. And the best thing is that the offer has become really good in the meantime. The eSports are virtual games with a wide variety of games. From shooters like Counter Strike to football with Fifa and strategy games like League of Legends. For all these sports there are leagues in which the players or clans/teams compete against each other. And this is also about real prize money.

Live betting with eSports

eSports is also a sport that is perfect for live betting. The reason is simply that so much happens in such a short time. Some real sports definitely can’t keep up with that. For the bookmakers it is also quite easy because the odds are calculated automatically in the background. So it is possible to provide the offer efficiently. So you have not only a very large selection of games, but also different bets: Who makes the first kill? Which team will win the round? How is the round won? And so on. Such rounds usually last only a few minutes and therefore there is a lot of action in a short time. Not like in soccer where a game lasts 90min.

Live Streaming

If you bet on normal sports you have to watch the game somewhere at the same time. Often it is even not possible or with costs. You can only follow the game if you have a subscription to Sky or Eurosport. And to be honest, it’s quite boring to bet if you can’t watch the results live.

Practically all eSports offer live streaming, mostly via Twitch. And that absolutely free of charge and sometimes not even with advertising. Good betting providers have an integrated screen directly at the live bets. So you can follow the game and place your bets in parallel. I must honestly say that this really inspires me and takes live betting to a new level.

The best bookies for eSports

And now it’s getting interesting: established bookies that already make billions in sales with normal sports betting are not the ones who are at the forefront of eSports. Some ignore this area completely and will surely regret it sooner or later. eSports is an absolute growth market and offers so many advantages over normal sports. Completely new providers will crystallize here who do a good job here.

In our opinion the best bookies for eSports – especially when it comes to live betting – are the following for 2020:

1. Pinnacle Sports
3. 1xbit
5. leovegas

The most popular eSports games and leagues

The following leagues and games are currently the leading eSports:
1. Counter Strike
2. League of Legends
3. dota 2
4. Fifa
5. Rainbow Six